The clothes from [ r o s s i ] are made by in-house production facilities that are steeped in 3 generations of tailoring tradition and timeless craftsmanship.

Finest fabrics are sourced from the best mills in Italy, Switzerland and the rest of Europe. In- store consultants recommend fabrics and design details to customers to make the clothes truly theirs in both styling and fit.

The customer’s measurements are taken and refined with each visit, and patterns are updated and kept on file. This caters to the more sophisticated customer whose lifestyle demands a wide range of attire, from that linen suit for the French Riviera to a tuxedo for an evening at the casino.

The [ r o s s i ] concept offers a full bespoke service; customers are able to get suits, shirts and trousers tailored to fit the individual.

In addition to traditional offerings, [ r o s s i ] sources fine accessories to compliment the bespoke service. We scour the globe for handmade shoes, silver cufflinks, hand-stitched belts that help complete the outfits we lovingly craft and amplify our customers’ personality through these.

The entire process, which can last for a month, is a fulfilling experience for customers who enjoy getting each garment fitted and customized.