Wedding Style Guide One of the questions we get asked most often as a bespoke tailor is what kind of suit should I tailor for my wedding. Should I get a tuxedo commissioned or do you think I can get away with just a normal suit?

In our opinion, weddings are a great opportunity to dress up. As everyday workwear becomes more casual, events like weddings are one of the few times you can dress formally. Ditch the corporate look. You should look like you’re getting married, not giving a PowerPoint presentation.

It is advisable to start planning the tailoring process 2-3 months before the actual date. Keeping in mind where your preferences lie, also depending on if you are certain what to wear or you would be needing some advice or some self-research. Your outfit timeline should always be made considering the time of making and adjustments as a tailored suit will require 1-2 fittings before the suit is made.

Morning coat

At the most formal end of the spectrum is the morning coat which is usually done in black. Traditionally these are worn with mid-grey striped trousers and with a pale grey or cream waistcoat. But this outfit is rarely seen in Singapore as our culture is more casual.


A tuxedo is a great choice for who have planned a formal wedding which would be happening in the evening or at night. The classic tuxedo with a shawl or peaked lapels and a bow tie never fails to impress, and make the groom look elegant and formal. Other options to consider other than a tuxedo could be a double breasted suit or a single breasted peak lapel suit. These 2 options are not typical corporate suit choices and as such are also suitable for weddings.


Single breasted suit with peak lapel

Most man will have a certain image in mind on how a typical jacket will look like, a single breasted jacket with notch lapel. So what is a peak lapel? A peaked lapel is defined by the lapel edges pointing up and towards the shoulder and usually look more formal in comparison to notch lapel. A peak lapel suit is a great alternative for someone who doesn’t want a very formal tuxedo suit but yet wanted something that is different than a regular notch lapel business suit. Other alternative will be having a vest made for your single breasted notch/peak lapel suit to create a three-piece look. You can always reuse the suit without the vest for business context in the future.

Double breasted suit

While double breasted suit is not quite as popular in Singapore as compared to the single breasted suit counterpart, double breasted suit have a certain advantage as it add breadth to the wearer. Therefore a double breasted suit can be good for a slim man with a not so broad shoulder as it will give him the much needed breadth. That doesn’t mean that double breasted suit won’t be suitable with a man with a broader stature, as the effect can be reduced or altered by changing the positioning of the buttons.

If the wedding is going to happen on the beach or during the day, you can ditch the classic look and go for something more fresh. You can consider lighter colours like off-white, light grey, beige or light blue. Fabric for this kind of wedding suit can be either wool and silk blend which adds a little shine to your look, or cotton and linen blend which is more for casual, relaxed wedding vibe.

For the shirt, it’s always best to choose a white shirt as that provides the most contrast and looks the most formal for the big day. And it is recommended for it to be done up with double cuffs to be worn with cufflinks.

It’s your wedding, and so no one else but you and your bride should be making the decisions above. And when you know you look great in your tailored suit, you can devote your attention elsewhere, where it belongs.