Since 2004, [ r o s s i ] has catered to the needs of the discerning man who is committed to the pursuit of male indulgence and individuality through fine tailoring. Customers have come to appreciate bespoke clothes that are tailored to fit their individual body types and lifestyles, in many ways reflecting the character of the customer.

[ r o s s i ] is the retail offspring of established tailoring house Justmen's who have resided in Tanglin Shopping Centre for more than 50 years. The clothes from [ r o s s i ] are made by in-house production facilities that are steeped in 3 generations of tailoring tradition and timeless craftsmanship. Fine fabrics are sourced from the best mills in Italy, England, Switzerland and the rest of Europe. In-store consultants recommend fabrics and design elements to customers that make the clothes truly theirs in terms of styling and fit. 

Decades of experience in tailoring for a wide variety of customers, along with constantly looking into the best that the world has to offer pushes us to continuously improve our workmanship and product offering.

[ r o s s i ] is a lifestyle based upon individuality and quality, not only in terms of design, but also regarding materials and production techniques. We take pride in our craft, constantly pushing our boundaries with research and feedback from our discerning customers. We want to turn luxury menswear into an accessible reality, with a genuine human touch and fresh perspective. Each product made for you has an authentic story, and each service is an enriching personal experience.

“The best that the mind of man can imagine and the hand of man can create.”

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