The tailoring process begins with an initial discussion about your needs, whether the suit is for business, pleasure or for a special occasions such as for a wedding. Once we understand your requirements, then fabrics for the commission are recommended accordingly. 

Our tailors will then take your measurements with notes that take into account your posture and body shape as well as lifestyle preferences and habits. Whether you prefer a fitted look and something more classic and comfortable.


The cloth you’ve chosen is then handcut using these measurements and notes, and over the course of fittings, the fit is refined into the finished product that we hope that you will love.

The entire process could range from about 2 weeks for a shirt to a month or two for a suit.

The bespoke process offers the customer the opportunity to achieve a better fit than anything that he has purchased ready made and develop a one of a kind product, not just in terms of sizing and fit, but also in terms of details and finishing.

Common misconceptions from some customers is that when they visit a tailor is that since they are making a tailored suit, they can change and adjust everything, and it will be perfect. Our staff will use their experience and make recommendations for you in pushing those boundaries without going too far. Tailoring is not for the impatient, we will usually require at least 1 fitting so please give us time to make a suit that you will enjoy.

The truth about visiting a tailor is like any other relationship, it will evolve and be refined as we get to know you and your preferences so as to ensure that each client has the attentive and personalised experience that they deserve.